Dana Bowser

picsay-1378856735Director Of Public Relations/Event Coordinator at SOUNDWAVEZ RADEO. A verse about Dana: Dana is originally from Brooklyn, New York, but grew up in New Jersey and has currently been residing in PA for the past 20 years. Dana started exploring the arts at an early age. She began dancing at age five and soon after began musical theater, competitions, and pageants. Dancing (especially tap) and singing were her life at a very early age. She studied and performed with some very acclaimed choreographers including Henry LeTang, Gregory and Maurice Hines, and Savion Glover. She attended a performing arts high school and knew that this would be a part of her forever. While in high school, Dana realized that she was a very expressive person. Growing up an only child, Dana did not have brothers or sisters to talk to, so she began using writing and dancing to express her thoughts. The writing became a very important part of Dana’s life as she began to write poem after poem, which later paved her path for song writing. Dana continued to attend Temple University where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Education with a minor in dance education and choreography; and a Masters degree in Social Work. She is currently working as a social work supervisor, a behavior specialist and does marketing, community outreach, and public relations. Dana has always had a love for music and created her artist name….”Daishele.” She began recording her music and songs and releases a CD IN 2004. Dana has written for and collaborated with several artists. Dana is a dedicated, perseverant, hard-working, creative female whose dream is to literally “live music” and nothing will come in her way. The most important thing to Dana is that she enjoys and loves music. She has a passion for singing, writing, and performing that will last a lifetime!

MacArther Clutch

picsay-1357009864 “Power” Williams aka MacArthur Clutch, started DeeJaying in The Richard Allen homes, in the heart of North Philadelphia. Becoming a producer was a natural progression. He has worked with Eightball & MJG, Busta Rhymes, Teddy Riley, Petey Pablo, Nore, Krayzie Bone, Styles P and many others. Seeing the struggles of independent artists to have their music heard and having the burning desire to alleviate some of those struggles led him to Soundwavezradeo.com.His intentions are to make Soundwavezradeo.com a household name along with the names of the artists we play and to be a driving force in the world of entertainment.



Eddie Royal

Philadelphia-bred, Hip-Hop wunderkind, Eddie Royal’s music is inarguably some of the most realistic and exciting things going on in the underground hip-hop scene right now. Considering himself a protégé of the game Eddie had to dig back into the roots of Hip Hop because he really didn’t start his musical endeavors until about 1997-2000. Using uncanny wit, undeniable skills and the natural gift of having a way with words Eddie is looking to become one of the most successful artists to ever embrace this culture.

He has helped put together a consistent array of city slamming, internet buzzing mixtapes with the HR Vol Series (HR Vol 1: Makin’ Moves, HR Vol 2: Beginning of the End & HR Vol 3: I Rise) and has his own solo mixtape which is his first solo release. State of My Reflection Vol 1: BEFORE THE LIGHTS, Eddie Royal’s mixtape, is a direct insight to ER’s mindset and what influences him to write his lyrics. Thinking that true Hip Hop is something that is lost Eddie is attempting to do what a lot of artists aren’t, BRING BACK HIP HOP ON A WORLD WIDE SCALE. Anyone can rap but few can be lyrical and effective in those lyrics. Few people can grasp you and pull you into their world with untamed conceptual thoughts and real life lessons that bleed through the pen. That’s where Eddie Royal excels.

He was born Eddie L. Jefferson III in Philadelphia, PA spending the better part of his barren childhood bouncing back and forth between his hometown and the city of Camden. Initially attracted to various lyrical based outlets as a teenager, Eddie began writing R&B lyrics for various friends who were singing and recording their own music. As the lack of the ability to hold a note started weighing on Eddie’s heart he decided to try developing a style of his own where he could express himself through the same lyrics he would write for other artists. Hip Hop seemed the best fit for the mindset that Eddie presents and expresses himself through. Join him on his journey.

Eddie Royal
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Last Trace

155185_3698245896689_738098682_nLast Trace ‘Last Trace’ Laster grew up in Philadelphia, PA. At a young age he was musically influenced by his father who played guitar, bass and keyboards. Tracy soon began playing guitar however, he later switched his focus to a different part of the music business. He then applied and was accepted into The Recording Connection. After graduating from The Recording Connection with a Certificate in Audio Engineering/Music Production, Tracy realized that there was more to the music industry than just making music. Tracy had a dream of opening his own recording studio, so he did. As CEO of Soundwavez Music Group, Last Trace was approached by a music industry veteran. The discussion with Sean “Power” Williams further opened the door of possibilities of a musical collaboration. What good is the music if no one ever gets to hear it? With that thought in mind Soundwavez Radeo was born. His passion for music and his desire to see others achieve their musical dreams make a great combination for Soundwavez Radeo. Being able to provide an opportunity for independent artist to have their music heard all over the world was just the starting point. After discussing the premise of the show with several independent artist to gauge their interest in an Internet radio show such as Soundwavez Radeo, it was determined it was undoubtedly the right way to go. Last Trace’s love for music has allowed him to extend his reach to helping those who wouldn’t otherwise be heard. These independent artist go from the local scene to worldwide listenership in a matter of moments. That’s the Soundwavez Radeo way…



On April 8, Audrey Ann Parker gave life to a star, that the world would once call illadelp,looking to bless mic, speak the truth, and share his love for hip hop. Kenyatta Parker, even as a child, was destined for greatness, with his sister, Clairessa L. Walker’s love and support, Kenyatta was challenged to to rap about things she would point out just to keep his freestyle and rap thirst alive. Kenyatta, raised on the streets of North Philadelphia, received his first taste of stardom as a rising hip hop artist when he performed with Charniece Bailey in the Power 99 FM’s “Stay in School” Campaign. This campaign gave aspiring rap artists the opportunity to travel around spreading the message of staying in school and saying no to drugs. After winning the competition, Charneice and Kenyatta had the pleasure of meeting the R&B group “Total” and since they represented Strawberry High School, Total performed at their high school. After graduating high school, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where he served as a Sergeant. While stationed in Okinawa, Japan in 2002, he connected with Mark Thompson who ignited my thirst for music and recorded, “illadlep” and “False Prophet”. It was at this time, he adopted the stage name “illadelp” because he viewed his self as one of the illest artist who represented Philadelphia, so by combining the two , the world was slowly introduced to illadelp. However, when he returned back to the states, his dream of being the music industry slowly died, but the fire to record and write remained. Just when he was done dreaming about getting his music heard, he reconnected with a former Strawberry Mansion classmate, Charron Monaye, who took an interest in his music and pushed his dreams forward. Since then, he has recorded countless number of music, had his music in rotation on both internet and satellite radio station, performed at numerous open mic’s, released a mixtape entitled “I’m Ready”, and is currently working on his first studio album entitled, “Two One Five” slated to be released Spring 2013. In addition, his music was selected to be played in two stage plays, “Living Your Life” and “Doin It After Dark”, as well as, he also received his first songwriting placement with R & B sensation Corey Armstrong from Jackson, MS. On January 1, 2013, he will embark on a new career as a radio personality on Soundwavez Radeo which will play music from indie artist from across the globe. So as you see, Mr. Illadelp, the aspiring artist, songwriter, and radio personality is gearing up for a promising career. With a great team, supportive uncle, and his four daughters, Unique Parker, Cherish Parker, Kylese Parker and Jordan Parker, he is ready for Hollywood.