Hello! My name is Fly “Amzon” Hall. I am a teacher aide, mom, actress, and plus model from Jersey CIty, NJ, born in New Brunswick, NJ. I moved to Jersey City when I was 15. I graduated from St. Anthony High School the highest ranking female #4 out of 52 students, and onto receiving a BA in Communications, with a minor in Theatre, from Rosemont College in Pennsylvania. There I wrote and performed a manuscript with 8 different characters using only a pair of glasses and chair for props, I passed my senior project with flying colors.With a resume with independent films, school film projects, interviews, online magazine articles, I am a person with zany energy, that loves to laugh, full of great ideas, and resourceful to what I have available around me, not to mention, I bring an enlightenment anywhere I go. So, I look forward to working with you. 🙂
XOXO ~Fly~