Newz Huddle, a Hip-Hop artist from the streets of Philadelphia started his craft in 2003-2004. His versatile style allows him to effectively touch on any topic. With his aggressive delivery and lyrical content, his music is definitely special. Newz possesses a charismatic persona and relishes the spot light.

Newz has performed in numerous open mic sessions in Atlanta, GA, giving the southerners a true taste of what the east coast is all about. He has also broken onto the Philly underground scene hard with his Free Pills mix tape series. His performances are those of a much more experienced artist.

Newz Huddle has worked with artist such as Kre Forch, Beano, RediRoc, Pate, Sergio and also up and coming producers such as, Will Penn, Space High Reez, TrakRunna, Hank McCoy, Extra Beats, Davy D, and Mr. Maday. Inspired by the birth of his daughter in 2010, he approached his craft with a new found zeal. With the help of Polio and the hard-working Reloaded Music Group team, he started flooding the streets again in 2011 with various DVD appearances, several features, a Philadelphia Music Summit performance, and was nominated for Rookie of the Year at the Philadelphia Hip Hop Awards.

Even with a hectic schedule Newz still managed to put together the most highly anticipated mix tapes, Free Pills & Free Pills: The Refill. In a most recent interview Newz was asked how he would describe his music and style. Newz replied, “My music is lyrical with a southern bounce to it. I don’t limit myself to one sound or style. When you do that, you put yourself in a box and fans are going to always expect the same thing. With me, they’ll never know what to expect”.

Newz Huddle is dedicated to working hard so he can put out the very best music possible while building the Reloaded Music Group brand. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. Newz Huddle was blessed with talent as well as a great work ethic. No one knows what the next year has in store but you can be sure that when he takes the stage Newz Huddle will own it. With the releases of the hit single “Killer” of the upcoming projects “For H.E.R” and the next installment off the Free Pills series “Free Pills 2″, Newz looks to expand his audience in 2012.